Who We Are

We are TEAM CADS. We started in 2014 with the goal of being the voice of Data Science & Analytics in the ASEAN region. Data Science is rapidly transforming the future of Businesses and Governments. Data is king in today’s world. All decisions will be increasingly based on smart data analytics. As Data Missionaries, we seek to evangelize and mainstream the adoption of Data Science.


We also seek to be a one-stop platform and center of excellence for Data Science. That means we will enable and empower corporations across the entire value chain of Data Science & Analytics − whether it is training & coaching corporations to be data ready, developing data science talent in Malaysia, enabling businesses and governments to strategize and implement data solutions or whether it is incubating start-ups.


To put it simply, we seek to champion Data Science amongst businesses, governments, universities and individuals.

We Are Different


Our Business

We focus on training, education, coaching, developing and mentoring future data scientists of Malaysia. The business sector, government sector and students will comprise the key segments

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We offer Data Analytics consulting services and solutions for businesses and governments

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We focus on sourcing, developing and recruiting Data Science Talent for Malaysian businesses

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We are focused on innovation, the advancement of technology and app development within the Data Science and Analytics space

We identify market opportunities to invest and incubate start ups